Copa America

Summer Of Soccer!

Soccer, Football, Futbol This Summer!

Join us this summer for all the soccer action with sound, awesome food & drinks!

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This list will be updated weekly!

Sun 13th             

6:00am               England vs Croatia

9:00am               Austria vs North Macedonia

12:00pm             Netherlands vs Ukraine

2:00pm               Brazil vs Venezuela

5:00pm               Colombia vs Ecuador

Mon 14th                       

6:00am               Czech Rep v Scotland

Tues 15th            

9:00am              Hungary vs Portugal

12:00pm             France vs Germany

Wed 16th

Women’s Friendly

6:00pm USA vs Nigeria

Thurs 17th

12:00pm             Netherlands vs Austria                            

2:00pm               Colombia vs Venezuela

5:00pm               Brazil vs Peru

Fri 18th              

9:00am               Croatia vs Czech Republic

12:00pm             England vs Scotland       

2:00pm               Chile vs Bolivia

5:00pm               Argentina vs Uruguay

Sat 19th             

9:00am               Portugal vs Germany

12:00pm             Spain vs Poland

Sun 20th            

9:00am               Italy vs Wales

9:00am               Switzerland vs Turkey                  

2:00pm               Venezuela vs Ecuador

5:00pm               Colombia vs Peru